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ABBA Puppets

Four puppets have a “little” problem in this video originally created for the 2004 Eurovision contest
Abba: Our Last Video features “4 small puppets who look very much like the original `70s Swedish supergroup ABBA are try to get a recording contract in Stockholm, Sweden 1974,” and with a description like that, honestly, what more do [...]

Burger King "99ers" Marionette Commercial

Burger King Germany’s “99ers” campaign features marionettes.
This is a new commercial for Burger King in Germany that features marionettes. The puppets in the ad were built by Hornet Inc. and performed by James Godwin, Tim Lagasse and Steve Widerman.

Cashore Marionette Videos

Life in Motion and Simple Gifts show off the incredible work of the Cashore Marionettes.
For a long time I didn’t care much for marionettes. It wasn’t that I ever thought there was anything wrong with string puppets per se, it was just that I’ve always been a big fan of very precise, technical and realistic [...]


Öko is a short marionette film set in “post-apocalyptic world hanging by a string”.
Öko is a short Québécois film directed by Alain Fournier about an unusual encounter between a squatter girl and her mysterious neighbor. Set in a “post-apocalyptic world hanging by a string”, the film was produced using marionettes created by Mathieu René. The [...]

George Liquor Marionette

Flexitoon Puppets made this impressive-looking marionette of John Kricfalusi’s George Liquor character.
Check out this cool-looking marionette of George Liquor that Craig Marin and Olga Felgemacher made for a secret project they’ve got in the works with John K. Full size pics and discussion can be found over at John’s blog.
3/5/09 Update: Flexitoon has [...]

Best Buy Marionette Commercial

A marionette shopping for a laptop? Just another day at Best Buy apparently.
This is Best Buy marionette commercial was made back in 2004, but I only recently discovered it. Does anyone know who did it?

Ridin’ The Rails to Reno

Ridin’ the Rails To Reno is a music video for Country Cricket by California’s Flexitoon Puppets.
Flexitoon (see previous post) just finished a new music video for a country swing band called Country Cricket. It was designed and directed by Craig Marin and features puppetry by Olga Felgemacher. You can watch Ridin’ The Rails To Reno [...]

Bob Baker

Bob Baker operates the oldest puppet theatre in the United States.
I watched a short, but nice profile of Bob Baker on YouTube tonight. Bob operates the oldest puppet theatre in the United States (the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in L.A.) and I’ve mentioned him on the blog before. The theatre is reportedly struggling to stay [...]

Scott Land and his turkey on America’s Got Talent

Puppeteer Scott Land is competing on America’s Got Talent.
Scott Land – who’s hilarious turkey puppet I’ve posted about before (see previous post) – is competing on America’s Got Talent this year. You can watch a clip here. Scott’s made it past the first round of the competition and he’s off to Las Vegas. You can [...]

Midnight Marionettes in Toronto

Peter Jackson’s cult classic Meet The Feebles screens as part of the Midnight Marionettes series this weekend in Toronto.
The Fox Theatre in Toronto is reviving its Midnight Movies at the Fox series by screening a couple great puppet movies this weekend in an event they call “Midnight Marionettes”. Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds Are Go is being [...]