The Main Drag’s Dove Nets

Another wild music video from the super-talented Ben & Julia Studio.

Harper Puppet Pals

Harper Puppet Pals is the first episode of a new Canadian political web series. It's part of the Satire Project, a proposed hub for Canadian political humour.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Ditology

Ditology is the creation of an Italian artist working under the name “Dito Von Tease”. It's a web site that features photo-manipulated portraits of famous people and famous characters on fingers.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Made by Moxie

Honestly, how awesome is the work of Moxie? Whether it's her finger puppets, her "Hungry" series or even her MST3k logo carved from a melon it's all pretty darn cool.

Thriller Finger Dance

This act on Italian television combines two things that seem to be very popular with PuppetVision readers...Michael Jackson puppets and finger dancing!

First Look: Disney’s DJ Tales

Swazzle lends a hand to the new Disney Junior series DJ Tales.

Royal (Roy) and Shelly Redd are the "Vacation Crustaceans" promoting tourism in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region in a series of recent TV and web ads. It's a cute campaign featuring finger puppets built by The Puppet Kitchen.

Future Laureates’ Kingston Blues

This is a music video for The Future Laureates' song Kingston Blues. A nice example of hand manipulation and finger puppetry

Lilach’s fingers keep dancing

The talented, dancing fingers of Lilach - which I first shared here on PuppetVision way back in 2008 - are keeping busy.

Kiss and Cry: A Finger Ballet

Kiss and Cry is a "miniature ballet" performed by two hands, directed by renowned Belgian filmmaker Jaco van Dormael.