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Sid the Science Kid explains DTV

Sid the Science Kid helps explain digital television for the PBS Kids set.
Confused about this whole DTV thing that everybody (in the U.S. anyway) has been talking about? Well, let Sid the Science Kid help you make sense of it.

Monday Morning Inspiration: Bryn Oh

Bryn Oh is a virtual artist/avatar inside the online world of Second Life (photo credit: )
Lately, I’ve been really intrigued by the work of Bryn Oh, one of a number of ground-breaking artists who are creating virtual art inside Second Life (SL). Bryn Oh creates steampunk-inspired statues and three-dimensional environments that are really well-thought out [...]

Creature Shop Open House Recap

Puppeteers bring characters to life with the Jim Henson Company’s patented Henson Digital Performance Studio.
Debra Kaufman has written a nice recap of the previously-blogged Siggraph/Visual Effects Society event at the Creature Shop (see previous post). A couple people who were there Tuesday night wrote in to tell me about it yesterday; it sounds like it [...]

Open House at The Creature Shop Next Week

Kermit the Frog greets visitors to the Jim Henson Company studio lot in Hollywood.
The Visual Effects Society and LA ACM SIGGRAPH are hosting a very cool-sounding open house of sorts at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop next week called Innovation in Puppetry: From Animatronics to CGI next Tuesday, January 13th at 6 p.m. The program includes [...]

Animata: Open Source Digital Puppetry

Reverse Shadow Theatre is an installation created with Animata digital puppetry software.
Animata is open source real-time animation (or digital puppetry) software that is “designed to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances”. The goal of Animata is to make it really easy to create scenes with digital puppets that can be [...]

Behind the Scenes of Sid the Science Kid

The new digital puppetry series Sid the Science Kid (see previous post) is now on the air and TV Guide recently went behind the scenes to see how the Jim Henson Company creates it. The Wall Street Journal has also been covering the show’s unique production process.
Speaking of which, Brian Henson was in Silver Spring, [...]

New Henson TV Shows

Sid The Science Kid is just one of several new shows coming to TV from the Jim Henson Company.
The Jim Henson Company must be a busy place to be these days; they’ve got a bunch of new projects in the works, including the previously-blogged Fraggle Rock movie and three new TV shows for kids! Jim [...]

Virtual Puppets Go in to The Dragon’s Den

UK company Virtual Puppet creates digital characters like this one seen above.
Virtual Puppet, a UK company that “specializes in motion capture technologies and involves itself with the production of advertising, face to face experiential marketing and performance for theatre and live interactive television,” was featured this past weekend on the British edition of Dragon’s Den. [...]

Monday Evening Inspiration: Machinima For Dummies

I received a copy of the latest book in the popular “Dummies” series – Machinima For Dummies – last week and it’s fantastic. I think it’s the most practical, useful book that’s been written about Machinima yet. The two authors of the book are Machinima filmmaker Johnnie Ingram and Hugh Hancock, the Machinima pioneer who [...]

More Skrumps Stuff

The Skrumps are featured in a bunch of new content on Yahoo Kids.
This is kind of old news, but there’s some new-ish content featuring the Henson Company’s digital puppetry characters The Skrumps (see previous post) available on Yahoo Kids. The new material includes four new Skrumps videos, ecards and a few other downloadable goodies. Also, [...]