I’m always really interested to know about everything going on in the world of puppetry. Submissions to PuppetVision – both your own work and cool/fun/interesting links and videos that you’ve discovered – are always very welcome!

If you’re submitting your own work, the more information you can provide the better. Here is the general information that is really helpful in ensuring that I can share your project with PuppetVision’s readers as quickly as possible:

  1. Title of your project and when it was produced.
  2. A link to a video (videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo that can be embedded on the blog are best)
  3. A brief explanation of what the film/show/project/link is about.
  4. Names of the puppeteers and puppet builders involved with the project.
  5. A URL to your website, a YouTube page or somewhere else readers can learn more about you and what you do (if you made a “behind-the-scenes” video please include the link for that too!).
  6. A link to an online press kit, if one is available.
  7. Links to social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where PuppetVision readers can follow you.

I do personally read and review everything that comes in, although my professional commitments are increasingly limiting my ability to read and respond to submissions promptly. At any given time there are usually dozens of submissions in the queue and sometimes it takes me several days, or even a couple weeks to review material that is submitted.

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A few helpful hints

If you would like me to share something that is time sensitive with PuppetVision’s readers, please send in submissions early! Although timely items do get posted to the blog at the last minute sometimes, most of the site’s content is scheduled at least a week or two in advance.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to share everything that gets sent in to PuppetVision. If for whatever reason I’m not able to share your submission please don’t any take personal offense. Also, remember that PuppetVision isn’t the only puppetry blog out there! If you want to promote your work you should consider also submitting it to other excellent puppetry sites like Puppetring and Puppetry News (among others). I keep a blogroll of popular puppetry blogs and websites in the sidebar of the PuppetVision Blog homepage.