A short explanation of why I haven't been posting and why Puppet Festival (r)Evolution is truly amazing.

Puppet Festival (r)Evolution Week

Today myself and over 500 other puppeteers, puppet builders and artists descend on the campus of Swartmore College in Swarthmore (just west of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania for Puppet Festival (r)Evolution, the 2013 Puppeteers of America National Puppetry Festival.

Awareness and outrage over the Government of Israel's decision last week to close the Palestinian National Theatre in East Jerusalem and ban a peaceful International Puppet Festival aimed at Palestinian children and their families has been growing all week.

In which Israel bans an International Puppet Festival for Palestinians and Andrew gives a short lesson on the history of Jerusalem.

So many great puppetry-related things have been happening lately, far too many to properly mention here. Here's a round-up of a few of the things I've neglected to mention lately...

Puppetry at Dragon*Con 2013

After a hugely successful debut last year, The Puppetry Track is returning to Dragon*Con this year and promises to even bigger and better than ever!

Puppetry and Opera

Every other year the Puppet Centre in London organizes a large event designed to explore the potential of puppetry. This year's event explored the possibilities of combining puppetry with traditional and contemporary opera.

The Puppets on Film Festival returns to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City November 9-11, 2012.

Yunlin, Taiwan is one of my favourite places on Earth, mostly because of the wonderful people who live there and the incredible puppet festival that they hold every year. Both of which are featured in this video from 2012 Yunlin Puppet Festival, which wrapped up last weekend in Taiwan.

One of the many talented puppeteers at Dragon*Con earlier this month was Gordon Smuder, presented an Advanced Puppet Construction workshop.