Hot Carl at Dragon Con

Paul McGinnis brings Hot Carl to the Dragon Con Puppet Slam.

A long overdue update about the PuppetVision documentary.

A round-up of puppetry news and happenings around the world.

Fürth’s Big Fat German Dragon

This is just about what you'd expect when a team of German Engineers build a giant fire-breathing dragon.

Something Smells Fishy on Main Street

A lovely little short from Puppet Heap with Old Mother Hubbard.

The Marionette Maestro

A profile of Nicolas Coppola and Brooklyn's Puppetworks puppet theatre.

This is the week it was in puppetry.

Spaceships (and robots) are Cool

The latest puppet music video from director Tom Walsh.

The Muppets on Merv Griffin

The Muppets make a special episode-long appearance on The Merv Griffin Show.

German Foot Puppetry

I love German puppetry for innumerable reasons...and this is one of them.